Defence for Children International-Somalia   

Defense for Children is an international organization that defends the rights of children. Defense for Children promotes children’s rights in Somalia on the basis of the UN Convention. Effective strengthening of children can only be achieved if the rights of children enshrined in legislation and there is continuous monitoring of compliance. Defense for Children uses the UN Convention and any related case law and other international treaties as a starting point to get implemented the child and to monitor compliance.

Defense for Children does this by lobbying, research, consulting, information, education and action. Defense for Children is child-centered and are the interests of children first. In that sense, Defense for Children primarily the interests of children. This is also laid on the participation of children and youth in the work of Defense for Children.

     Fields of Intervention:

DCI-Somalia was created in Somalia in order to promote and defend children’s rights. Therefore, several actions are undertaken in the following priority issues:

  • Juvenile Justice
  • Violence against Children
  • Migration Issues
  • Human Trafficking
  • Protection of IDPs


Current Activities and Projects/Programs:

Recently, DCI-Somalia has carried out inter alia the following projects:

  • Educating Community Members on Gender Equality

Local Community members, including girls and young women, were sensitized on gender equality, gender-based violence, child prostitution, child protection systems, gender-based violence, and protection measures for girls and young women against violence through outreach Program. Staff of DCI-SOMALIA visited community centers, held discussions to educate the community members, and inform them of the available systems, structures, and mechanisms for child protection in the communities and the institutional levels. This activity resulted in sensitization and awareness-raising for community members to support the promotion and protection of children’s rights in their communities and enquiries about and access to the socio-legal protective services provided by the DCI-SOMALIA’s socio-legal defence centre.

  •  Advocating Child Protection and Gender Equality via Nation Television

Somali National Television (SNTV) discussions and interviews were granted to advocate for child protection and gender equality. The sensitization programmes targeted government institutions and the general public to raise their awareness, sensitize them, and advocate for change and support for the promotion and protection of children’s rights in Somalia.