Somalia Has Huffered A Human Rights Crisis For The Last 23 Years


IMG-20160217-WA0000Somalia has suffered a human rights crisis for the last 23 years, characterized by serious violations of human rights and humanitarian law. The protection of civilians in the context of the armed conflict, combined with impunity and lack of accountability, is of major concern. The lack of rule of law and the climate of insecurity has created an environment in which certain categories of professionals, such as journalists and judges, are increasingly targeted for extrajudicial killings. An entire generation has grown up without access to education and the country as a whole suffers from a lack of knowledge about human rights. Women and children’s rights were routinely violated.

Moreover, prolonged grave violations of children’s rights in Somalia including killing and maiming children and other civilians in the course of military operations had become widespread. And for the children who managed to escape physical injury, the psychological effects remained severe and resounding.

Many have lost one or both parents, and other family members, some have lost their entire extended families. All have experienced violence, fear and instability at close quarters. DCI-Somalia as part of the National Human Rights System is willing to make efforts to advocate and encourage the public authority to re-address the prevailing culture of impunity, investigate all incidents of grave violations of children’s rights and ensure that all individuals responsible held accountable.

Therefore was DCI-SOM established in 2014 a group of Somali activist   to address  The  above mentioned violation for Somali children.

DCI-SOM is a local and independent chapter; it develops its programs based on the core principles and values of the Defence for Children international movement. DCI-SOM envisions that children’s voices are heard and that their rights are protected in both law and practice at national and community levels.

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